BREXIT-Update to the new TIE card

Need to exchange your current residency card for a  ”Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero”? Let us make the process painless for you. 

The new TIE card for British Citizens – It’s the way forward

In July 2020, as a result of the UK leaving the European Union, the Spanish government implemented a new two-stage process for UK citizens to register as legally resident in Spain. Part of this new process meant that UK passport holders were no longer given the green credit card sized Certificado de Registro de Cuidadano de la Unión but were issued with a biometric TIE card (Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero) as proof of residency status.

Although both the credit card sized and green A4 Certificates were and are still valid proof of residency under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, it’s clear that possession of a TIE card is a valuable asset and the Foreigner’s Office of the National Police strongly recommend that the green documents should be exchanged for a TIE without delay. If you have a green EU style document, now is the time to act.

How Upsticks can help you exchange to a TIE

The exchange process is in two stages; Stage 1 is the presentation of the correct documentation, fingerprints and photos and Stage 2 is when you collect your new TIE card. Our service is complete; we help you through the whole process until you safely have your new TIE card in your hand.

What we do for you:

  • We do a full review of the paperwork needed for Stage 1
  • We complete the application forms for you 
  • We book both appointments for you 
  • We complete the tax forms and pre-pay the taxes ready for your appointment 
  • We meet you at the Police Station and are on hand to help
  • We are by your side until you successfully have your TIE card in your hand

We fully explain the process and requirements before getting started

Fully transparent costs and requirements from day one

Complete understanding of the nuances of each 'oficina del extranjeria'

With our 20 years of experience comes a deep understanding of the differences between not just various police stations in Malaga, but also the variations between desks within the same station. We can predict which objections are likely to come up and have the knowledge to combat those objections successfully when presenting your paperwork.

Other services we can help you with

We don’t just help with new exchanges, there are many other common issues that we can smooth out for you – let Upsticks take the pressure off all these and more:

Do you have a green A4 Certificate or card that is more than 5 years old but doesn’t say “permanente”?
We can help you apply for a 10 year “permanente” TIE card WITHOUT showing any additional information such as proof of income.

Does your green A4 Certificate, card (or TIE) have an out of date address?
We’ll help you update your details, and you can swap to the new TIE if you need to, all in one smooth process.

Does your green A4 Certificate, card or TIE have an error on it that you’d like correcting?
Perhaps there’s a spelling mistake, wrong date of birth or maybe you have one of the early TIEs that says “Family Member of EU” instead of Residence Permit. We can help you get all that corrected stress-free.

Has your green A4 Certificate, card or TIE been lost or stolen?
Let us help you with the denuncia process and organising a replacement as soon and as trouble-free as possible.

If Upsticks can help with any of the above, then please just Book a Call on our website for a no-obligation chat – we look forward to hearing from you.

Now is the time to update your documents!

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