Upsticks to Spain

Taking the stress out of Spanish Residency Applications & Car Registration

Spanish Residency & Support

We take the hassle out of Residency applications for all EU citizens.
Or are you already resident but have problems with your documentation? We can help.

With the withdrawal agreement now coming to an end, from the 1st of January British Citizens are considered 3rd country citizens and will have to abide by general immigrations rules, we are working hard to put together a post Brexit residency package for British Citizens in 2021

Car Registration

We take the hassle out of car registration and deal with the numerous organizations and offices on your behalf.

Prices start from: €395 + VAT
+ official costs
(vehicles from the UK could be subject to further taxes from the 1st of January 2021)

Why should you choose Upsticks for your Spanish Residency and Car Registration

“Traditional agents have charged too much and under delivered.

I moved to Spain nearly 21 years ago and understand the process and stress this can cause.

I set up Upsticks to help people who want to start a life in Spain and avoid the mistakes I made.”

Let us help you!
By your side from begining to the end of the process 100%

We don’t agree to take on any cases that we don’t believe we can complete. We fully assess each case and qualify any possible objections by immigration. So, if we take on your case, you will know exactly where you stand and what needs to be done for it to be successful. 

Chris Goodacre, Upsticks to Spain
Chris Goodacre, Founder


“I could not recommend Chris highly enough! From start to finish he has gone above & beyond & made the process of matriculating our car easy and painless. He is professional & helpful, we would use him again in a heart beat... in fact we have already recommended him to a friend who we know will absolutely be in safe hands!”
Melanie Bond
“We can't recommend Chris highly enough, his attention to detail is second to none. His courteous and professional attitude gave us great comfort knowing we were in very good hands.”
Daron Walsh
“Chris is very dedicated, professional, and he always thinks ahead. His ability to overcome problems quickly has saved the day on several occasions. His communication skills in both Spanish and English are very good.”
Bill Bristow
Upsticks to Spain

Knowledge & Experience

Our founder arranged his own residency during his move to Spain when he was 21. Now 41, Chris has bolstered his life experience of the transition with 20 years of helping others to do the same and has been working full time in the role for the last 10 years. His knowledge of the ins and outs of getting Spanish residency is second to none.

Transparancy & Pricing

We provide all of our customers with a clear explanation of what our service entails, how we go about delivering that service and how our service is priced.

There are always fees associated with both residency and registering your car in Spain, and whilst we cannot control these our services are provided at a fixed fee so that you know what to expect.  


You will have an appointed representative from our team by your side every step of the way; from the first contact you have with us right through to the day you receive your residency card. You’ll be provided with advice throughout (including how to prepare for the appointment itself) as well as guidance regarding what you’ll need to do from that point on.