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Non Lucrative Visa - UK to Spain

A free 20-minute call where we explain the Spanish Non-Lucrative visa requirements for non-EU citizens. We’ll check if you qualify and tell you how we can help. (Sorry, we currently cannot assist applicants from the USA) .

Spanish Residency for EU citizens and Family Members

A free 20-minute call where we run through Spanish residency for EU citizens and your family members. We’ll check if you qualify and depending on your location, we’ll tell you how we can help. 

Vehicle Registrations (in Malaga only)

A 20 minute call with us to discuss your vehicle registration in Malaga. We explain the documents you’ll need, run through the process and timings and explain how we can help. 


Golden Visa

A free 20-minute call to explain the Spanish Golden Visa requirements for non-EU citizens and how we can help. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that you may have lots of questions around your Spanish Residency journey or registering your car in Spain.   Our frequently asked questions section address some of the questions that we get asked most regularly.

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