YouTooSpain is the fastest growing community for foreigners moving to Spain

When the email dropped in from Skatz, one of our prospective clients asked if Chris from Upsticks would participate in a few live videos on a new channel he was creating. Little did we know what was coming!

Evidently Chris said yes and in Early in 2021 a YouTube channel called YouTooSpain was born that would rapidly grow into the most entertaining and useful source of information videos for people wanting to move to Spain.

With up to 20 informative videos published every month, Upsticks feature every fortnight on a Saturday morning, talking about all things residency and vehicle registrations.

The host and founder of YouTooSpain is a musician, actor, entertainer, singer-songwriter, playwright and recent Irish citizen called Skatz, who fell into being a YouTube influencer down the well of Lockdown and the necessity to learn about moving to Spain with his lovely wife Liz. A year and a half and an Irish passport later, he finds himself in the mountains east of Málaga, broadcasting from an olive grove just outside Cómpeta, one of the most beautiful and arty white villages in Southern Spain. He doesn’t regret a single second of it, although having seen four wildfires within reach of the village, two of them within 100 meters of his house, his future novel isn’t going to be Driving Over Lemons Part Two. It’ll be more like Screaming Over Exploding Pine Cones.

He looks forward to many more years of Spanish adventures. With an intact sense of humour, quirky nature, and ability to make any live show run smoothly, a guitar and a face full of characters make this channel extra special.

Whatever happens, the future is bright for Skatz and YouTooSpain. Upsticks are happy to be part of it.