If you are a British citizen coming to live in Spain then it is essential you exchange you Uk Driving licence for a Spanish one 

We’re pleased to tell you that we can now refer you to a trusted service partner to help you complete the exchange.

UK driving licence exchange with Gestoria Lizana includes:

  • End-to-end exchange service, no need to visit Trafico or make an appointment

  • All original documentation arranged at drop-off points or by courier for convenience

  • Liaison with the DVLA/DVLC to get the authorization code

  • Provide you with a temporary authorisation document to drive while the licence is processed

  • Your new Spanish licence will be delivered to you once produced by the DGT

Cost of service: €139 per person, including all taxes, DGT fees and IVA/VAT

Does not include the medical certificate or courier charges(if applicable)

Documents you’ll need to exchange your licence
Medical certificate:  – Everyone who wants to exchange will need a Medical Certificate from a recognised medical centre. You’ll probably need to book an appointment and you can find a full list HERE
Padron certificate: – You’ll need to get an updated Padron Certificate if the one you have is older than 90 days. You can find how to do this HERE
Photos: – You will need to prepare some new photos for your lovely shiny new licence, we have published information on how to do that HERE

If you would like to proceed, please click on the link below to complete the online form (one per licence exchange), and Gestoria Lizana will be in touch directly to take payment and make a start on your exchange.

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