Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have answered the questions that we get asked most frequently.   If you don’t find the answer you are looking for here, please book a call with us to discuss.

General Questions

What is included in my fees? 

Assessment and assistance with all the paperwork up till the point of completion. Which includes attending the appointments with you or assisting remotely when necessary 

What happens if I cannot register my car?

You will have to return your car to the country of origin.

Would I have to pay again if my applications are rejected?

If we need to go to a second appointment because you did not bring the paperwork that we advised, then a second attendance fee is charged.

Do you ever release my personal contact details or information?

Only to the authorities when requested, for example the traffic department when registering a vehicle.

How does Upsticks work?

We like start off by having a chat with all out potential clients, once we have asseded your case we will send you an offer to work with us and on recieving the payment `lets get started´

Getting Started

How quickly can you take on my case?

Book a call with us and we will program the best time to get started

What documents do I need to have ready to register my car?

Vehicle Logbook, your passport, NIE certificate or residency card and proof of address (padron certificate, rental contract or propery deeds).

What documents do I need to have ready to apply for Spanish Residency?

Nothing, we organise everything and translate for you on the day of the appointment, if the police ask questions then we answer.

If I have a partner/dependant, what documents do I provide for each person?

Proof of why they are a dependant.  For example,  children – you will need their birth certificate, a spouse – you will need a marriage certificate.  All will need to be legally translated.

Do I need to provide original documents?


Does my car need to be in road worthy condition?

Yes – the road worthiness test in Spain is the same or even stricter than a UK MOT.

Do I need to prove my income?

You will need to prove your income or wealth.

What documents do I need to provide to prove my income?

Pensions statements or wage slips. If the income comes from a different source, such as investments then it’s a little more complicated.

Do I need to prove I have heath care insurance?

Yes, either private or state run

What documents do I need to provide in relation to my health care?

Proof that you have access to the state system or a private policy.

Instructing Upsticks

How can quickly will you begin working on my case once instructed?

Within 48 hours.

How long will the process take?

Around one month.

If I need to make adaptations to my car, will you assist with this?

We will advise what needs to be done and liaise with garages if needed.

How do I pay?

When do I pay my fees and how do I make payment?

Residency fees are paid in advance to get the process started. 

For car registration we take an initial deposit of €700 and then the balance is paid once car has passed the ITV test.

Can I pay in instalments?


How much tax will I pay on my car?

Depending on your situation you may not pay any at all, but if you are liable to pay registrations tax then it is calculated on the book value of the vehicle, how old it is and emissions.

Technical Details

Where do I obtain a Spanish number plate from?

We get them for you and fit them.

Do I need to visit in person when I have an appointment for my residency?


Spanish Residency

Do I have need to get Spanish residency?

Yes if you want to live in Spain.

How long can I be in Spain before I need to get residency?

You have up to 90 days.

How long does it take to get Spanish Residency?

From booking your appointment with us and prepping everything required we have taken as little as a day to get one pushed through. It all depends on the availability of appointments and what your requirements are

What do I need to get Spanish Residency?

You must be able to prove you have health care and means to live.

Do my children need residency?


Where do I need to go to get residency?

The national police station nearest to you.

What are the tax implications of getting residency in Spain?

You become a fiscal resident and liable to pay income tax in Spain, getting fiscal advice is a must. 

Do I need a lawyer?


Vehicle Registration

How much does it cost to register my vehicle in Spain?

It depends on the vehicle and conditions of the owner (resident / non-resident).

Can I register a right hand drive car in Spain?


Can I register a car if I’m not a Spanish resident?


Can I drive a car in Spain without an MOT?

No, your vehicle must be road legal. 

Can I drive in Spain using a British driving licence?

Once you have registered as a resident you must change your driving licence to a Spanish one.

How long does it take to register a car?

Around one month.

Do I have to pay VAT or Tax when I register a car in Spain?

VAT is only applied to vehicles from outside the EU and there is no tax if you are changing residence.

What do I have to do to the car before I can register it?

Make sure it complies to LDH driving standards.

Can I register a car that I have just purchased?

Yes,  but you may be liable for transmissions tax.

Can I register a car if the V5 isn’t in my name?

Yes with a sales contract. 

How much is Spanish car insurance?

It is normally cheaper than in the UK.

How much is road tax in Spain?

It is normally cheaper than in the UK.

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