Non Lucrative Visa

Your dream of Retiring in Spain can be a reality 

The Non-Lucrative Visa 

A non-lucrative visa is Spain’s retirement visa for third-country nationals, which now includes British Citizens. As long as you meet the minimum financial requirements to support yourself and your family without working, you can use this visa to live in Spain.

Initially, the visa lasts for one year, a which point if you are enjoying your life in Spain (which we are sure you will!), you can renew the visa for a further two years, then a subsequent two years, until you receive full residency.

How Upsticks can help you get a Non-Lucrative Visa 

The visa registration process is broken down into two stages. First, you will need to apply in your country of origin, proving you meet the requirements. Once approved, you will be awarded a visa. But this isn’t the end of the journey – you’ll then need to register your visa with the Foreigner’s Office in Spain to be issued with your residency card.

Upsticks offers a complete service; we start with a free 30-minute consultation to get to know our clients and make sure they meet the requirements.  From there, we guide you through the complicated process of putting together the information needed to present at your local Spanish consulate. Then we are on hand to help you complete the process once you arrive in Spain. 

What we do for you:

  • We do a full review of your situation and assess if you qualify
  • We complete the application forms for you both in your country of origin and in Spain, and provide you with a complete Upsticks ‘Application Pack’ to take to your appointment
  • We guide you through the whole process from start to finish, with regular updates and booked calls to make sure your application is going smoothly  
  • We are by your side until you successfully have your TIE residency card in your hand 
  • We arrange the renewals from Spain

We fully explain the process and requirements before getting started

Fully transparent costs and requirements from day one.

Although Non-Lucrative Visas aren’t a new thing for non-Europeans who wish to live in Spain, they are for British citizens who are facing for the first time a different process of immigration, so they can happily retire in Spain.
The good news is that Upsticks is here to help. We have been at the forefront of all the changes that British citizens have faced during Brexit, the Transition Period and now as third country nationals, and have helped hundreds of British citizens achieve their goal of retiring in Spain. We were the first to knock on the door of all three Spanish consulates in the UK in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Furthermore, we already have extensive experience with what each consulate requires and the nuances between the three. You can check out our articles about Non-Lucrative Visas on our news feed

Ready to find out more?

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