Padron – Estepona – How and where to make an online appointment

Ayuntamiento Estepona

This article is all about how to make an online appointment for registering on the Padron and getting your Padron Certificate in Estepona.

Good to know

There are two offices you can visit – the main Town Hall in Puertasol and another in Cancelada – you can choose which one during the appointment process and there are Google Maps links to each office at the end of this article.

Step One – Go to the Town Hall website

Here’s the link you need to request your “Cita Previa” (prior appointment in Spanish) for Estepona district >

Click the button “Solicitar Cita Previa” and you’ll be taken to this screen, where you type in your personal information and contact details – the email address you put here is where they’ll send confirmation of the appointment.

Once done, click on the button in the bottom right corner to go to the next page.

Choose your Office – Next screen is where you can choose which office you want to use for your appointment. Select your preferred location from the drop down and click on the blue button, bottom right of the page to go to the next screen.

Choose your Service – In this screen you choose the service you require. If you’ve asked for an appointment at the main Town Hall, here’s the list of options and the one you need to choose is highlighted:

If you selected the Cancelada office, these are the options you’ll see (again, the one you need to choose is highlighted). When done, select ‘Continuar’.

Choose your date and Time – Use the Calendar to choose your preferred date and time, then click Continuar again.

Do you want an email confirmation? On this little screen, choose the second option in the drop down to receive an email and then click on the tick box in the bottom right hand corner.

Appointment Confirmed

If everything goes through OK, you’ll get a little on screen message confirming successful completion – click on “OK” and then you’ll see a final screen, confirming the appointment has been made and it even has a PDF for you to download with all the details. It’s really useful to download the PDF and either print it out or keep a copy on your phone, as it has all the details of the appointment on there.

How to get to your appointment

Here are Google map links for the two offices
Estepona Town Hall
Tenencia de Cancelada

For all the details about what documentation you need to take with you, see our previous article, here Padron certificate – What is it, how to get one and why do you need it?

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