Padron – Mijas – How and where to make an online appointment


In a previous article we detailed why you need to be on the Padron (similar to Electoral Roll in the UK) for residency and provided lots of information on what documents you’ll need to apply for the Padron Certificate.

With so many Town Halls now requiring that people make a prior appointment to access public services, here’s our guide to applying online for an appointment to register on the Padron for the district of Mijas.

Good to know
There are three offices where you can register on the Padron and get your Padron Certificates in the Mijas area – Mijas Pueblo, La Cala de Mijas and Las Lagunas. You can choose your location during the appointment process and there are Google maps links to the various offices at the end of this article.

Step One – Go to the Town Hall website

Here’s the link you need to request your “Cita Previa” – prior appointment in Spanish.

This is the first page – select ‘Ayuntamiento’ from the first drop down (it’s the only option) and then “Atencion a la Cuidadana” from the second one, then click “Aceptar”.

The next screen is guidance notes – these screenshots tell you what these say (remember, if you use a Translation app, the security mechanism may not work properly)

The next screen differs slightly, depending on the ID document you choose to use – this one is for NIE.

This one is when you use your passport:

It’s really important to check that all your details are absolutely correct (spelling etc), especially if using your passport. Click ‘Aceptar’ to continue once you’re happy all the details are correct.

Choose what action you want to take – in this case you click the first button “Solicitar Cita” – ‘request an appointment’.

Next screen – Choose your Town Hall 
This is where you choose which Town Hall you’d like to have the appointment at – simply click the relevant location in the drop down and then ‘Siguiente’ to go to the next screen.

Next Screen – Asks for your phone number

Next Screen – Calendar
Select your preferred date from those labelled “Libre” (available) on the calendar provided.

Next Screen – Summary of Details
This is a summary of all the details you’ve entered – check they are correct, then click the little box “Estoy conforme con la informacion mostrada en la pantalla” (I’m happy with the details shown on screen) and click “Confirmar”. If anything needs changing, click “Volver” to be taken back into the system.

Final Screen – Justificante, Document to confirm appointment
Success! This is the appointment confirmation page and reference number that you need to print out and take to the appointment with you.

Congratulations, you have your appointment – but where do you go?
Depending on which office you’ve chosen, here are the address and contact details, with links to Google Maps.

Mijas Pueblo – Casco Antiguo: C/ Virgen De La Peña, s/n
 Tfno: 952485900

La Cala De Mijas: C/ Bulevar La Cala, 45 (29649)
Tfno: 952.49.32.08, Ext: 6000, 6001, 6002 

Las Lagunas De Mijas: C/ Rio Adra, 25 (29649)
Tfno: 952.49.32.08 

Go to the “Atencion al Cuidadanos” Reception Desk in the main entrance and ask them where to go to register on the padron and they will direct you to the relevant office. It’s always a good idea to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early, to allow for any queueing or delays.

Do you get the Padron Certificate straightaway?
In Mijas yes, they are issued on the spot. 

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