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Things you never knew you could do at a Post Office in Spain.

With its origins dating back before the 1850s, the Spanish postal service is at the centre of millions of transactions every day. Not only can you send parcels, letters and money, you can pay bills, buy the ONCE lottery, have your own personal PO Box in one of their offices and, if you fancy going old school, you can even buy the odd stamp! 

Entering the digital age
In recent years, Correos has embraced the latest technology with enthusiasm,  implementing a cloud based system that not only means you can track your parcels in pretty much real time, but you can also use their Digital Storage box to securely store items of your own in the cloud.

New products and services
This means that Correos has introduced a raft of new products to make daily life in Spain a bit more ‘millennial’. Everything from prepaid credit cards to a service which allows you to get duplicates of your vehicle documents (permiso de circulacion) from the DGT, Correos is preparing itself for the future, complete with a snazzy website that’s even published in English

Not all Correos offices are created equal though
While there’s probably a Correos office in pretty much every town in Spain, it’s only the larger offices that provide all these new services. 

In fact, at the larger offices, you can even submit applications for state services like the Convenio Especial in Andalucia using the ORVE service.

Need to find your local office? 
Here’s a link to a map which shows them all and you can track your parcels sent registered post from here and even buy Correos related Presents for the family!!

And yes, you can send letters and documents as well
Of course, the core Correos postal service is still going strong – this article has some useful tips about how to send important documents and parcels.

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Article last reviewed/updated 12.08.2022

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