Finally the deal is sealed! British driving licences can be exchanged for a Spanish one….Almost


Finally, some great news for Brits who need to exchange their British licence for a Spanish one – the `Consejo de Ministros´ has passed the agreement. You can read more about it here

While the DGT have added the United Kingdom to the list of countries that can be exchanged, there’s a catch …  we’re still waiting for the law to be published in the BOE. We expect this will happen over the next couple of days.  

As soon as the BOE is published, Upsticks will be working with one of our trusted service providers to put a service structure together and we expect this to be in place towards the end of the month.

For now, it’s time to get ready! 

As advised by the `Brits in Spain´ Facebook page run by the British Embassy in Madrid, you can start the process by getting a medical certificate at a recognised medical centre. You can find a full list here

Another thing you can do is get an updated Padron certificate – you can find full information here

You will need to prepare some photos for your lovely shiny new licence, we have published information on how to do that here

Once appointments are available you’ll be able to book them directly here on the DGT website

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