Food shopping in Spain without a car – all you need to know

Food shopping in Spain without a car – all you need to know

Food shopping is probably the easiest of chores to do without a car, from supermarket food deliveries to specialist diets, pet supplies and the ubiquitous for everything else.

But don’t discount your local shops and suppliers – ask around (yes, on Facebook too) as there’s no substitute for a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Most of the bigger supermarkets in Spain offer online ordering and delivery to your door:  Mercadona also have a service where you choose your goods instore, and they deliver it to you.  Carrefour offer a “Click and Collect” service as well as online delivery.
Eroski, Alcampo, and Condis (Barcelona) also offer these services.

Unfortunately, Aldi and Lidl are dragging their heels with the online delivery, so see this article about non-car travel if that’s where you prefer to shop.

Specialist/online food shops
For food intolerances, check out
Vegan – try the Vegan Food Club
For pet food & supplies, Zooplus is the market leader
Pharmacy – there’s no substitute for being on good terms with your local pharmacy and they can arrange deliveries if needed. Online pharmacies are available but can be pricey.

Shop local
Get some fresh air and visit your local weekly market – find them on Mercadillo Semanal website

Make the effort to shop in your local butchers, bakers, fruit & veg shops – great value, as fresh as it gets and absolutely no food miles. A quick Facebook search will find local producers and ask for their help if carrying the stuff home is a challenge, many offer free local delivery. It’ll do wonders for your Spanish language skills as well – win-win! is an app and website where you can check out the best deals in your local area, download coupons and even get cashback too! Tiendeo covers ALL sectors, not just food, and you can search by postcode to get the best deals nearest to you.

Meal/Food Delivery
Saves you going shopping (or cooking at all) and there’s a huge variety of options from your favourite pizza to a carefully curated weekly menu box that you simply heat and serve.  

Glovo – Spanish food delivery app – is your favourite restaurant on it? It’s also a bit more than that, and in some areas, you can get them to collect your shopping as well. e.g., Dia AND Starbucks in Fuengirola are registered. – City focused, so not much use elsewhere
UberEats – slightly better coverage of non-city areas than Just-Eat, but not by much
Wetaca – weekly subscription service, natural ingredients, personalised menu, heat and eat.
Foodinthebox – another subscription service, with veggie, low-carb and many other options.

Ask around for local suppliers of home-cooked meals like Cocina Fresca in Alhaurín el Grande, and check out Too Good to Go, an app that connects users to food businesses offering end of line or close to sell by date food at knock down prices.

¡Buen provecho!

The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 05.08.2022

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