How to change your address in Spain

How To Change Your Address In Spain
If you decide to move house in Spain, as well as friends and family, there’s a fair few services and organisations you will need to inform with your new address details. These are Upsticks top tips on how to change your address in Spain.


To get you started, this is a general  list of the organisations and government agencies that you need to notify:

  • Town Hall – register on Padron and update car tax details at the same time
  • Tax Agency – Agencia Tributaria
  • Accountants/Lawyer etc
  • Trafico – Direccion General de Tráfico (DGT) for driving licence and vehicle details
  • National Police – Dirección General de la Policía – for TIE/Immigration data
  • Social Security (Seguridad Social, INSS) – for work/pensions and should also update state health services
  • General state administration – Administración general del Estado
  • Local health centre – deregister/reregister – just in case INSS takes a while to update
  • Bank/Currency supplier
  • Utilities – Water, electricity, mobile phone, internet
  • Insurance – home, car, medical
  • TIE card/residency document

FIRST THING TO DO – Get your new padron

This article has details about how to register on the padron and registering in a new location should automatically take you off your previous address/town listing.

Most Town Halls offer a service to change your vehicle details for both Trafico and car tax (IVTM) so be sure to ask the question when you visit.

Some towns with large non-Spanish populations have assistance services/charities who help with these types of processes, for example:

Torremolinos  and Mijas – have Foreigner’s Offices within the Town Hall to help non-Spanish speakers.
AlicanteHelp Vega Baja and Expat Centre Alicante
FuerteventuraStronger Together

Once you have your new padron certificate, you can get cracking with informing everyone of your new address. 


There’s a Change of Address portal operated by the Spanish government where you can inform various public administrations about your address change all in one process. It’s called “Portal de Comunicación de Cambio de Domicilio” and here’s the link:

You will need a Digital Certificate or Cl@ve to use  this system – so if you don’t have one already, have a read of this article about how to get one. 

If you don’t have/want the Digital Certificate, then you could be looking at making individial appointments with each organisation you want to update. 

TIE card
If you update your details using the online system, then Immigration will be notified of the address change automatically – you won’t get a new TIE card though.

If you want the new address on your TIE card/residency document, then you’ll need to make an appointment at the National Police in your province, sort out application forms, pay the tax and visit the Police Station to apply for and to collect the new card.

IMPORTANT:  Some police stations don’t allow appointments for address changes (Alicante for example) so our advice would be to do your best to update your details eletronically.

Upsticks don’t currently offer a change of address service, although we can help with the TIE card change of address if needed (depending on area).

If you’d like our help, please email [email protected] with your name, phone number and where you live in Spain, and we’ll  be in touch.

The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 07.06.2024

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