Importing your UK registered car into Spain post-Brexit

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With the UK leaving the EU, from 1st January 2021 the status of UK registered vehicles within Europe changed overnight, with huge implications for customs, VAT and import duties. 

Now a ‘third country’, UK registered vehicles (except those registered in Northern Ireland at the moment) have to go through one of three different import processes; which process depends on your specific circumstances.

Process 1 – You qualify for  change of residence
If you are relocating to Spain and bringing your vehicle with you, you can apply for tax and import duty waivers via a Customs Agent.

Process 2 – Pay the import duty and VAT
If you are non-resident and/or don’t qualify under change of residence rules, then you will have to pay 10% duty and 21% IVA (VAT) on what Agencia Tributaria (Spanish tax office) calculates the vehicle is worth.

Process 3 – Apply for a Certificate of European Status for your vehicle
If you can prove that the vehicle was in Spain prior to the end of the Transition Period, you can apply for a “Certificado Estatuto Aduanero de Mercancías de la Union”, a customs document that certifies that your vehicle came into Spain under EU import conditions and therefore is not subject to third country import charges.

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