To exchange to the TIE or not, that is the question

time to switch to a TIE card

Although the green residency documents are still theoretically valid, the TIE card is now the “residency proof of choice” for any number of Spanish processes – from banks, to Tráfico to Health Centres.
With the upcoming implementation of the ETIAS and EES Entry/Exit systems at Schengen borders, the biometric TIE card will be even more essential.

True – There is no deadline to exchange in Spain
Spain is a “declaratory” country for the purposes of residency status for UK passport holders under the Withdrawal Agreement (WA), which means that residency status is automatic if you meet the WA conditions, regardless of any paperwork you possess.

But – “boots on the ground” are asking for the TIE card
It’s fair to say that while the Spanish Government can issue BOEs setting out the law, what actually happens in practice in the various autonomous communities can vary enormously. Also, to be brutally honest, most workers in Spain don’t care much about the fine print of the Withdrawal Agreement – they will have seen the headlines about Brits now being issued with a TIE card and so that’s what they ask for.

Special “Brexit” appointments at Foreigner’s Offices are no longer available
Spain implemented TIE cards for UK passport holders in July 2020, more than two years ago now, so it’s no surprise that the extra funding for staff and rafts of extra “Brexit” appointments at National Police Foreigner’s Offices across Spain were finally withdrawn at the beginning of July 2022.

Why would you not exchange when it’s such a simple process?
Exchanging to the TIE card is pretty straightforward (no need to prove income, healthcare etc) and the TIE cards are being produced in 4-6 weeks – somewhat better than in some other European countries it has to be said.

Word to the Wise – Green A4 documents
Not to scaremonger but we’ve had a couple of instances where people in possession of a very old A4 Certificate (pre-2012) went to exchange to the TIE, only to be told that their residency status had been “revoked” and they had to start from scratch. Anyone still in possession of an A4 Certificate should be automatically eligible for a 10 year/permanent TIE.

But – I don’t want a document that has to be renewed
When your TIE card comes up for renewal, it’s not because your residency status has expired, it’s simply to update the photograph – just like for a passport or Spanish DNI (national identity document). You don’t think twice about having to renew your passport every decade, so why would the TIE card be any different?

Are there any circumstances where we’d advise you to wait?
Yes, one – if your green EU card only has a few months left (say 4 months maximum) until you reach the magic 5 years to transition to permanent residency status, then it would make sense to hang on for little while in order to get the 10 year TIE card.

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The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 10.08.2022

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