A publication in the BOE on the 4th of July introduces the new TIE style residency cards for British citizens.

A new publication by the Spanish government on Saturday the 4th of July in the official BOE has set out the framework for the introduction of the new TIE style residency card which will now be issued to British Citizens who wish to gain residency in Spain before the end of the withdrawal agreement.  

For first time applicants, we now know that there is a two-stage application process initiating at the regional foreigners’ office, with the final process to be completed at their local national police station.

For current EU style residency cardholders, although they have no obligation to exchange their card, they can do at there local national police station and will receive either a 5 or 10 year card depending on the length of time they have held their current card.

As we know, what is published in the BOE and what happens at the source at times can be quite different, here at upsticks we are working this week on getting the correct information to our current and new clients who are in the process of registering as residents and will be posting updates on our news feed regularly as and when we receive information.


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