Applications for the New TIE Residency card for British citizens to start from the 6th of July

Ever since the start of the ‘transition period’ of the Withdrawal Agreement on the UK leaving the European Union at the beginning this year, we’ve known that the process of applying for residency in Spain would be changing – we just didn’t know exactly when or what the new process would be. We now know that the new system will start on 6th July 2020. 

The TIE (tarjeta identidad extranjero) application will be different for first-time applicants who wish to gain residency in Spain under the withdrawal agreement than for people who already have their EU style residency card. 

After speaking to the provisional foreigner’s office in Malaga today they have informed us that First-time residency applicants will first need to present their applications at the main provincial foreigner’s office. Once the application has been approved applicants will be informed and can complete the application for their new TIE card at their local foreigner’s office, much like the current system for non-EU applicants beneficiaries of an Eu citizen. 

British citizens who already have the EU style residency will be able to apply directly at their local foreigner’s office, depending on the amount of time that they have been in possession of the card and if it is a permanent one or not will determine whether they are issued with a 5 or 10-year TIE card. 

The applications forms are already in place for both types of applications and the foreigners department were extremely helpful in their explanations we are eagerly awaiting the publication in the official BOE of the exact requirements which we are expecting any moment now. 

At this moment in time, the main message is not to panic, soon we will know the new process and requirements, and the new appointments should be up and running from Monday.

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