Being a good neighbour in Spain – the Gecor app

Gecor the useful app

With the best will in the world, your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) and the teams responsible for keeping things ship shape in your municipality, can’t be everywhere at once. 

Local authorities rely on citizens to keep them updated about issues and the Gecor app is a great way of doing this.

Funded by the Spanish government’s Industry, Commerce and Tourism Department, the app provides a really quick and simple way to report any problems that you may see in and around your community.

From local infrastructure like potholes in the road and street lights that don’t work, all the way through to air quality and recycling, this app speeds up response times, saves money and reduces bureaucracy.

Local Mijas councillor Bill Anderson is a fan – in his opinion,  “in today’s digital and Covid world, the app is by far the best way to report anything to do with public safety and the roads to your local Town Hall”.

How to get the app or access the platform online. 

You can access and download the app from here 

This informative video by Bill Anderson shows you how to install and use it

The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 10.08.2022

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