We’re always on the look out for apps and services to make life in Spain that little bit easier and the Bip&Drive app fits the bill perfectly.

For people who regularly drive around Europe, you’re probably already acquainted with the Bip&Go French toll road app that pays tolls automatically so you don’t have to stop at a booth (amongst a lot of other great services).

Bip&Drive is the Spanish partner of Bip&Go offering you the chance to have one app covering motoring across Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, all in one place.

Part of the Via-T toll tag system, download the Bip&Drive app and say good bye to queues, tickets and searching for the pay desk at tolls and carparks across Spain.

There are various pricing plans available, depending on your locations and travel movements plus discounts on all kinds of services including fuel purchases at selected partners, discounts at motorway services food outlets and upgrades to vehicle insurance.

And there’s more – check this out:

  • Information on low emission zones (LEZs) and whether or not your vehicle can enter
  • Find, book and pay for park & ride facilities in towns and cities across Spain (in some places you can even pay for on-street parking too)
  • Find and pay for car washes
  • Find, enter and pay for car parks via the app
  • Find and pay for electric charging points
  • You can even book your ITV on it!

All these services accrue a “Savings Bag” on the app that you can use as you’re travelling around.

With a selection of pricing plans for private individuals, the self-employed and companies, if you regularly use toll roads in Spain and across Europe, this app is a must-have. Even if you prefer to go the  scenic route, the parking and other services on the app are well worth checking out.

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This information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 06.03.2024

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