How to get a Padron certificate in ALGORFA (Alicante)

How to get a Padron certificate in ALGORFA

The nearest UK equivalent to the Padron is the Electoral Register, a list of residents in a town or area. The complete name in Spanish is Certificado de Empadronamiento, but most people just call it the Padron. Registering on the Padron means you’re officially living in that town and this is called being  “Empadronado.” 

As well as being essential for many administrative procedures, registration also benefits your local town – the more people registered, the more money can be requested from the central government.

What documents do you need to register on the Padron? 

Check out this ARTICLE on our website. It explains what is needed to register and is one of Google’s top-ranking Padron certificate articles! 

Where do I get a Padron in Algorfa

You will need to apply at your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) at: 

Plaza de España 5,
03169 Algorfa
Google Maps Link Ayuntamiento de Algorfa

Where to park? 

Parking is readily available on the roads around the Town Hall.

Information specific to getting a Padron in ALGORFA

We enjoyed our discovery trip to the town hall in Algorfa – the staff are very friendly and will do their best to help with the Padron registration.

No appointment is needed, you can just turn up and wait to be seen between the hours of 09.00 and 14.00 Monday – Friday.

That said, they are one of the stricter Town Halls, and this is what you’ll need to register on the Padron:

In all cases: Passport and copies of the photo page and visa page (if relevant)


If you own your property:
Deeds/Escritura of the property OR a Nota Simple dated within around 90 days

If you are renting:

  • Rental contract in Spanish, signed on all pages
  • Authorisation document signed by the owner (available to download at the bottom of this page)
  • Copy of the owner’s ID document (passport, identity card) and the name must match the one on the rental contract
  • Most recent IBI bill OR a Nota Simple dated within 90 days in owners name
  • Receipt for first rental payment

It will take 10-15 days for the Padron Certificate to be produced and you’ll need to go back to the Town Hall to collect it, so plan this into your timeline if you need the Certificate to register your TIE card, exchange your driving licence etc.

When you collect your Padron PLEASE CHECK THAT ALL THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT – dates of birth, spelling of names etc.

If you spot any mistakes, just go back into the Town Hall and ask them to amend the Certificate.

More useful links and info

Check out the info published on the Town Hall’s own website HERE


We need your help!

Although we do as many discovery trips as possible and keep constant tabs on the town halls and updates, the Spanish administration is constantly updating and changing. If you have a Padron certificate or live in the Algorfa area, please share your experience by commenting on the YouTube video above. It will help keep our content current and the Upsticks community up to date on the latest requirements.

The information in this article was current on date of publication.
Article last reviewed/updated 01.03.2024

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