Covid-19 update – new process when taking vehicle for ITV

ITV station in Andalucia

Covid-19 update – important changes to process for ITV
Even if you’ve done your own ITV many times before, there are some new processes that you need to know about, implemented in light of Covid-19.
Full details (in Spanish) can be found
here, but to summarise:

  • Masks to be worn at all times
  • 1 customer per vehicle
  • Observe social distance of 2m at all times (inside and outside the office)
  • Card payment only  
  • Inspectors can no longer get into any vehicles so ensure that all windows are down, doors unlocked, seatbelts fastened and petrol cap open
  • Documents need to be placed under the windscreen wiper when you drive to the line
  • At the end of your test, wait in your vehicle for further instructions
  • Appointment only, you can no longer just turn up and wait. 

My ITV was due during the State of Alarm, are there extensions available?
Yes, if your ITV was due during the State of Alarm, the Spanish Government has issued the following dates/deadlines to get your ITV updated. However the certificate will be backdated to the actual expiry, so you won’t get any extra time. Also, ITV stations are prioritising appointments that are nearing expiry dates so you may have to wait a little while for your inspection.

Semana del estado de alarma en la que caducó
la inspección
(Week your ITV expired)

Nueva fecha
(new test date by)

Del 14 al 20 marzo04/08/20
Del 21 al 27 marzo19/08/20
Del 28 marzo al 3 abril03/09/20
Del 4 al 10 abril18/09/20
Del 11 al 17 abril03/10/20
Del 18 al 24 abril18/10/20
Del 25 abril al 1 mayo02/11/20
Del 2 al 8 mayo17/11/20
Del 9 al 15 mayo02/12/20
Del 16 al 22 de mayo17/12/20
Del 23 al 29 de mayo02/01/21
Del 30 de mayo al 5 de junio16/01/21
Del 6 al 12 de junio31/01/21
Del 13 al 19 de junio 15/02/21
20 de junio02/03/21
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