Taking your vehicle for an ITV test in Malaga city – El Viso

ITV el viso

Where’s the ITV station in El Viso Malaga.
Address: Calle Brasilia, 29004 Málaga
Here’s a Google maps link

Registering your vehicle with Upsticks ? 
If you are a client and registering your vehicle in Spain with us, then you will need to meet us 15 minutes before the appointment at the ITV station. We will email you with full details of what you need to bring.

Spanish vehicle due for a test? 
Take a look at this detailed article all about the ITV in Spain for some great tips on how to book your ITV, plus everything you’ll need to do before and during the ITV test. 

On a more general note, this news item tells you which documents you should always carry with you in your vehicle when driving in Spain.

How much does the ITV test cost?
If you are registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates with us, the cost of the ITV is included in the quote. 

If you already have a Spanish registered car the cost depends on vehicle type/size, the Veiasa website has a list of all the current charges and is a very useful source of  ITV information for Andalucia. Payment is only available by card.


One important point that is very different from the MOT in the UK – if the ITV has expired, it’s illegal to drive the car, even if an appointment is booked, except between the home address and your nearest ITV station.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you drive with no ITV even if an appointment has been booked?
No, you risk being fined, and your insurance may not be valid.

Can I just turn up or do I have to pre-book the appointment?
You have to pre-book now as part of new measures introduced recently.

Does the owner of the car have to take it?
No, anyone can if they are insured. Unless you are registering the vehicle for change of residence in which case you will need to be at the appointment to sign documentation. 

I’ve lost my Ficha Tecnica, can the ITV station give me a new one?
Yes, but you’ll need to make a special appointment

Can I keep my old sticker on the windscreen
No , for an explanation of the significance of the ITV sticker and how you should always display it, click here

Do they speak English?
As a rule no, you’ll need to be able to speak some Spanish, but you may be lucky and find a Tecnico who does speak English.

The information in this article was correct on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 10.08.2022

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