Driving in Spain – Eco-Stickers, all you need to know

Eco Sticker

All you need to know about vehicle eco-stickers in Spain and why you should have one in your windscreen.

You may have noticed increasing numbers of colourful stickers appearing in the windscreens of various vehicles across your local area and beyond – these are the eco-stickers that form a key part of Spain’s commitment to reducing emissions and meeting their EU carbon neutral targets.

A few years ago, Spain implemented a raft of new policies designed to reduce pollution by restricting/banning vehicles with high emissions from the centres of cities like Madrid, Barcelona and later Valencia, Murcia, Cordoba and Granada.

What is an “eco-sticker”?
A key element of this new policy was headed up by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) with the issue of “eco-stickers”. Based on the emissions level of the vehicle and placed in the bottom right of the windscreen, there are 4 categories of eco-stickers O, Eco, B & C.

If you have recently registered a vehicle in Spain, then an eco-sticker should have been issued with your paperwork, but if you don’t have one, there are a couple of ways you can get hold of one.

Check which eco-sticker you need for your vehicle
Visit the DGT website in English, type your vehicle registration number in the box on the home page and an image of the relevant eco-sticker will appear on screen.

Purchase your eco-sticker
You have the option to purchase your eco-sticker online on that DGT website for €6.50 (you’ll need to upload ID document and driving licence) OR you can buy one at your local Correos (Post) office for 5€.

Where to put you EcoSticker

Your sticker needs to be placed in the bottom right-hand corner of the windscreen

Eco-stickers Mandatory in Madrid and special parking rules apply
Eco-stickers are compulsory for Spanish registered cars in Madrid (you risk a €90 fine for not displaying one), and there are various limitations on which categories of vehicle can park, transit or stay within the “Madrid Central” low-pollution area. If you’re planning on visiting or transiting Madrid Central by car/van/motorhome, there are a couple of Apps that will help with navigating all these rules:

  • The Madrid Central App, supported by  City Hall
  • The Parclick website and app, which allows to you book parking spaces (essential for Category B and C vehicles) and will warn if the Pollution Protocols change during your visit
Also, check out our YouTube Video about this article 

So there you have it – all you need to know about vehicle eco-stickers in Spain. Happy motoring!


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