First new residency applications approved only 20 days since the law was passed. The TIE application system in Spain off to a flying start!

TIE application system in Spain off to a flying start

Here at Upsticks, we’ve been working very hard since the new TIE process for British citizens residency applications was announced by the Spanish government on 4th July. We’ve studied the new law in depth, consulted with our contacts in the National Police and Immigration Departments and taken our usual “belts and braces” approach to residency applications to a whole new level.

First successful applications are already coming through

We’re delighted to announce that this attention to detail has paid off, and we are already receiving the first `resolucion favorable´ for first-time applicants under the new law just 20 days after it was published. 

Applying online met with a quick response from Spanish authorities

We are particularly impressed with the speed these new applications have been processed by the Spanish Immigration teams. Despite the concerns expressed by many people and advocacy groups about the fast-approaching deadline for residency applications under the Withdrawal Agreement, the oficina de extranjeria has done well so far. Spain is committed to doing their best to ensure every eligible British citizen is given the opportunity to apply for residency under the Withdrawal Agreement terms. This bears out Hana Jalloul, the Spanish Immigration Minster’s comments to the British Ambassador last week “(Spain) is and always will be your home”

Full steam ahead

With such fantastic support from the Spanish authorities and Upsticks proven methodology, now is the time to get in touch and have a chat about YOUR residency application. Call us today!

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