From Edinburgh to Baza with an Non Lucrative Visa

Barbara Powe gives us an insight on her NLV process

From Edinburgh to Baza, Barbara currently holds the record for the quickest Non-Lucrative Visa paperwork preparation – just 13 days from start to finish.

Here, Barbara tells us her story:

”2022 top of my to do list was to do my NLV!

In January I contacted Upsticks to start off the process. After a call with Chris to make sure I could meet all the criteria for the application, I was sent the ‘Let’s get started’ email.

When I received the email, which is a very detailed, step by step guide on the application process, I felt a little daunted by all the actions I would have to do. I printed out the email, sat down and read through it a couple of times to get a better understanding of what I needed to do. Every step of the process was explained in detail with links added to useful information, I found these links very helpful.

I have to add at this point I am very impatient and want everything to happen now !! So the challenge was on to complete the pack as soon as I possibly could, and head out to my home in the sun. 

Chris and Victoria were very quick to reply to any questions I had. It took me just 13 days from receiving my ‘Lets get started’ email to completing my appointment file!

My appointment for the embassy in Edinburgh was set for the 14th February. I travelled up the day before, staying at the Yotel in Edinburgh – a perfect place to stay, less than a 2 minute walk from the embassy. My appointment was for 11.30am, it lasted less than 10 minutes, I was asked for my paperwork, it was checked through, my fee paid and I was advised the timescale was up to 3 months for a decision.

I received my passport back complete with visa on the 3rd March.

I booked my flight to Spain for the 29th March, attended the Police Station in Baza with Chris on the 19th April and went back to collect my TIE on the 23rd May.

I would like to say a big thank you to Chris for being there every step of the way using Upsticks certainly took the stress out of the process.

I would highly recommend Chris and his team.”

Written by Barbara Powe 31/05/2022 Baza, Granada

The extranjeria in Baza, one many that upsticks can offer personal attendace at appointments
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