National Police station Orihuela town – Foreigner’s office

National police station in Orihuela

If you live in Orihuela-Costa and surrounding areas, your NIE, EU residency application or  TIE card appointments will be at the Foreigner’s Office (Extranjeria) of the National Police Station (Comisaria de Policia) in Orihuela town.

The address is:
Calle Sol 34, 03300 Orihuela
Here is a LINK to Google Maps. 

Google Maps takes you straight to the station, and there is parking directly behind along the river bank. Most on-road parking close to the station is free. 

If you have people with reduced mobility, it’s best to drop them off first and let them have a coffee in one of the bars opposite while you park. 

The good news is you can easily get copies and photos if needed in a shop directly opposite the Station. 

We’ll email full details of the documents you’ll need with your appointment booking, and a few days before your appointment, we’ll send details of the meet up point and contact information for the appointment specialist who’ll be meeting you at the Police Station.

Most importantly, don’t forget your passport and if you’re renewing, you’ll need to bring your TIE card too.

As all appointments are in the morning, why not explore the Old Town area with its beautiful churches and sample the sweet treats from the San Trinidad convent.

View from the from the front of the building
View from the from the front of the building
Parking near Orihuela 'extranjeria'
Parking near Orihuela 'extranjeria'

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Article last reviewed/updated 09.03.2024

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