How to get a Padron certificate in Mazarron – Murcia

Murcia Town Hall

In simple terms, the nearest equivalent to a Padron is the Electoral Register in the UK – a list of residents in a town or area. The complete name in Spanish is Certificado de Empadronamiento, but most people just call it a Padron certificate. Registering on the Padron means you’re officially living in that town, and this is called being “Empadronado” 

Registering on the Padron doesn’t just help you with the administrative procedures you need to complete in Spain but also benefits your local town. The more people registered, the more money your Town Hall can request from the central government.

What documents are required to register on the Padron? 

Check out this ARTICLE on our website. It explains what is needed to register and is one of Google’s top-ranking Padron certificate articles! 

Where do I get a Padron in Mazarron? 

You will need to apply at the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) located here: 

Calle San Antonio, 2, 30870 Mazarrón, Murcia

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Where to park? 

It is pretty hard to park close to the Town Hall, but there is a huge parking area right in the middle of the town, only a short walk away.

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Every Town Hall is different as to what they ask for in order to register on the padron and there’s more information about the general requirements in our article HERE

Information specific to getting a Padron certificate in Mazarron

We have been on a discovery trip to the Town Hall  in Mazarron and found that they are quite strict with their requirements. You need to book an appointment and if you are taking property deeds as proof of where you’re living, if they are more than 6 months old, you’ll also need a Nota Simple and a utility bill. 

If you are renting then you’ll need to bring a valid rental contract (in Spanish) and utility bill in the owners name, as well as a copy of the owners ID and the rest of the documents mentioned in our Padron ARTICLE. The good news is in Mazarron you normally get the Padron certificate on the same day. 

Booking an appointment.

You can book an appointment by calling 968590012 or drop in to the Town Hall to book, unfortunately the appointments can run around a month in advance. That being said, many clients have just called in  ¡on the off chance and have managed to get seen straight away – worth a try! 

For Upsticks clients, we’ll book the appointment for you and check you have the correct documents, and for our Non Lucrative visa clients we always make sure the timing is correct with respect to the registration of your Visa and getting your TIE card.

How to get a Padron certificate in Mazarron - Murcia

More useful links and info

Check out the info published on the Town Hall’s  website HERE

The Mercado de Abastos, close to the port, is well worth a visit. However, as per our video (recorded in November 2023), you can no longer apply for a Padron certificate at the Town Hall office based there. You can, however, buy some cracking local produce!

We need your help!

Although we do as many discovery trips as possible and try to keep tabs on the Town Halls as much as we can, Spanish administration is constantly changing. 

If you need to get a Padron certificate and live in the Mazarron area, please share your experience by commenting on the YouTube video above. It will help keep our content current and the Upsticks community up to date on the latest requirements.  

Finally, why not check out our Out and About video in Puerto de Mazarron

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