National Police Foreigner’s Office Algeciras Cadiz

National Police Foreigner's Office Algeciras Cadiz

If you live in Cadiz and surrounding areas and need to apply for your NIE number, EU residency or TIE card,  your appointment could be at the Foreigner’s Office (Extranjeria) of the National Police Station (Comisaria de Policia) in Algeciras.

The address is:
National Police DNI/Pasaporte,
Avenida Fuerzas Armadas, 11202 Algeciras
Here is a LINK to Google Maps. 

The entrance is really nondescript so blink and you’ll miss it. Be sure to watch the video to see exactly where the office is located and leave plenty of time for your journey as traffic gets quite busy in the area.


Street parking is a challenge but there is underground parking just around the corner 
Here is a LINK to Google Maps 


We’ll be in touch by email with details of meet up arrangements or with full instructions and a telephone contact for remote support.

Most importantly, don’t forget your passport and, for NLV renewals, your current TIE card!

As appointments are available throughout the morning, it’s an excellent opportunity for a day out. 

Visitor attractions:

We’ll be the first to admit that Algeciras is not the most scenic town in Andalucia – however, it’s a lot more than just a huge industrial port.

The classic white houses, cobbled streets and colourful gardens of the Barrio San Isidro are charming and well worth a wander.

Las Acacias Park houses the local museum in an impressive building once known as Villa Smith, the home of a British tycoon during the late 19th century.

Surfer central Tarifa is only 25 kilometres past the town and the fast ferries to Ceuta and Tangier leave from the port area.

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Article last reviewed/updated 29.04.2024

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