National Police station Antequera – Foreigner’s Office

National Police Station Antequera – Foreigner’s Office

If you live in Antequera and surrounding areas, your NIE, EU residency or TIE card application appointment will be at the Foreigner’s Office (Extranjeria) of the National Police Station (Comisaria de Policia) in Antequera.

The address is:
Calle Cuidad de
Oaxaca, s/n,
29200 Antequera, Málaga

Here is a LINK to Google Maps. 

Parking is easy, there is plenty of free parking around the area,  checkout the video above which explains the best places. 

We’ll email full details of the documents you’ll need with your appointment booking, and a few days before your appointment, we’ll send details of the meet up point and contact information for the appointment specialist who’ll be meeting you at the Police Station.

Most importantly, don’t forget your passport and if you’re renewing, you’ll need to bring your old TIE card too.

As appointments are available throughout the morning, it’s a great opportunity for a day out .

Visit the Alcazaba – Explore this Moorish fortress built in 1852, offering panoramic city views. 

El Torcal Natural Park – Witness the dramatic limestone formations in one of Europe’s most impressive karst landscapes. You can book walking tours or just take a ride up and walk around, though don´t forget your coat in the cooler months. 

Dolmens of Antequera – Step back in time with a visit to these prehistoric burial mounds, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor – Visit this stunning Renaissance church, known for its intricate architecture.

Lobo Park – Discover the world of wolves in this specialised park, where you can see different species and learn about their habitats. It’s around a half hour drive from the centre.

Museo Municipal de Antequera – Explore local history, art, and culture at the Municipal Museum.

Plaza de San Sebastián – Chill with a coffee and soak up the atmosphere in this central square, perfect for people-watching and a spot of brunch.

Cuevas de Menga y Viera – Check out these intriguing caves near the Dolmens that offer their own historical mysteries.

Convento de Belén – Visit this 16th-century convent to see its beautiful abbey and try local sweets made by the nuns.

Shopping and Dining – Fancy dunking warm bread in cold soup? Wander through the local town and try regional dishes like “porra antequerana”, a cold tomato soup, and “mollete”, a soft round bread.

If shopping is your thing, check out the Veronica shopping centre

National Police station Antequera – Foreigner’s Office

The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 09.03.2024

Also, check out this Video below about the Antequera ITV station

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