National Police station Cordoba – Foreigner’s office

Cordobas national police station

If you live in Córdoba province, appointments for NIE, EU residency or TIE cards will be at the Foreigner’s Office (Extranjería) of the National Police Station (Comisaria de Policía) in Córdoba city centre. 

The building itself, to be honest, isn’t one of the best looking in the city but serves its purpose well. 

The address is:
Plaza de Constitución, 1C, 14004 Córdoba
Here is a LINK to Google Maps. 

Parking is easy, with an ample underground car park. 

Here is a LINK to Google Maps
The address for the car park is:
Enfrente Salón Juego “Joker, Av. del Aeropuerto, 5, 14004 Córdoba

Parking in Cordoba is Easy

We like to meet with clients at least 15 minutes before the appointment time to go through the application process – and most importantly, don’t forget your passport!

Córdoba is one of our favourite cities in Andalucía, and as appointments are mainly available in the morning, be sure to take some time to explore this glorious city while you’re there. You could even stay the night and visit the world famous ‘Mezquita’ 

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