Registering your vehicle in Spain, the ITV test

ITV station in Torrevieja

When registering a vehicle in Spain, you need to pass an ITV test. An ITV test (inspección técnica de vehículos)  is the technical inspection that verifies the vehicle qualifies to be driving on the Spanish highway. 

Where you need to go to pass the inspection 
The DGT provide a list of every authorised vehicle inspection centre in Spain on their website, which can be found HERE

How you book a test
Each Autonomous Community has different suppliers (either independently run or on government contracts) that operate the ITV stations, and each has different ways of booking appointments specifically for the registration, known as ‘matriculacion’ of a vehicle.
With this in mind, if there’s no way to book an appointment (cita previa) via their website, pay a visit to your local ITV testing station and ask how to book your appointment. Take a Spanish speaker with you if needed. 

Documents you’ll need to take with you 
Again, different ITV stations work in different ways, but it’s way best to have all original documents with you, both to book the test and on the day. You will need to identify who you are, where the vehicle is currently registered and the technical specifications of the vehicle. 

You can book two types of tests, a ‘normal’ registering test or a test for change of residence known as ‘cambio de residencia’. With a test for ‘cambio de residencia’ there are some concessions and waiving of the strict technical requirements because you are coming to live in Spain and bringing a vehicle as part of your ‘goods and chattels’. As a rule, the documents you will need are as follows:

Normal registration ITV test

Change of residency ITV test

*** For a change of residence ITV, your residency card and padron will need to be dated correctly along with the minimum stipulated period of ownership of the vehicle (normally 6 months) and can be seen on the original vehicle documentation***

Remember, the vehicle must be set up to drive on the left-hand side of the road, you can read more about this here in this ARTICLE

Documents you’ll be given once the test is passed
If it’s a new registration, you’ll be given 3 copies of a document known as a ‘ficha tecnica’ and these are used to continue the registration process. One of these documents will be retained by the tax office, the other by the DGT and one will be given back to you with the registration number on it, which is added by the DGT at a later date in the registration process. 

How much does the test cost?
It depends on the region you’re in, but the test is normally between €120 and €150.

What are the most common ITV stations for foreign residents in Spain? 
In Andalucia the ITV stations are run by VEIASA
In Valencia,  most ITV stations are run by APPLUS although in the Alicante region they are run by PISTA ITEUVE
In Murcia the ITV stations are run independently, you can see them all on this WEBSITE

ITV station in Murcia - Cebeza Cortada
ITV station in Murcia - Cebeza Cortada

The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 05.08.2022

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