YouToo Spain – How to get through your Visa & Residency Appointment with Spanish Immigration

Chris Goodacre and Skatz live on YouToo Spain

Chris Goodacre and Skatz on the YouToo Spain channel.

Great to be back on our regular spot on YouToo Spain, chatting about how to make a success of both the visa appointment at the Spanish Consulate and the residency appointment in Spain with Skatz. 

Amongst other things, we discuss what’s happening at the moment at the Consulates, what to expect at your visa appointment, how to prepare and organise your documents and what the different UK Consulates are like. We also discuss the P45 and why it’s needed for an NLV.
Then comes a look at what the residency appointments are like when you get to Spain, and what to expect at the Police Station.

Enjoy the video! 

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