1st May – Dia de los Trabajadores – Labour Day

dia del trabajador

Imported from the USA, this is a workers day off and it falls on a Wednesday in 2024. 

Brief history

This day off for workers has its roots in the fight for workers rights in the USA in the late 1880’s and eventually led to the advent of the 8 hour working day, with Spain being the first European country to recognise this officially.

Ironically, Labor Day in the USA is actually celebrated in September (not May), while pretty much the rest of the world has some kind of May Day holiday.

May Day celebrations can be traced all the way to Celtic Beltane (last day of winter) and the Roman festival of Flora, held to celebrate fertility and the advent of spring.

What to expect in Spain on Dia de los Trabajadores

Banks, schools, public administration offices and some shops will be closed, and the larger retail outlets and superstores open, but with reduced hours. However, this is patchy so if you have plans to go shopping on your day off, be sure to check the opening hours with the relevant store.

Links to check opening hours for selected stores in Andalucía:
El Corte Inglés Marbella – closed Wednesday 1st May, open as normal 2nd May
La Cañada Marbella – restaurants and leisure open all year, shops closed 1st May.
Centro Miramar Fuengirola – restaurants only open on 1st May, open as normal on 2nd May.
Plaza Mayor, Malaga – open 2nd May

If shopping on a Bank Holiday is your worst nightmare, then take advantage of the fact that museums, tourist attractions and bars/restaurants are all open for you to enjoy!

The information in this article was current on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 26.04.2024

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