Do I qualify for Spanish Residency?

Do I qualify for Spanish Residency?

Spanish residency is a complicated thing to qualify for. It’s not easy, but as long as you’ve got all your cards in a row, you can get it done.

And the first thing when you’re looking to take Spanish residency is obviously make sure that you need it. The Spanish government, they require that anybody who spends more than 90 days in Spain takes residency and sign themselves on as a resident at their Local national police station.

When I go in and I do a residency application for somebody, the first thing we do is make sure  all the application forms and the relevant taxes are paid and in place. And also that that person’s got the relevant personal documentation on them. So obviously you have to have a passport that’s in date, and you can prove who you are, you need to have a Spanish address as well.

Once we’ve got over that hurdle, we have to check that you have got income or wealth. There are various ways that you can prove and qualify that you’ve got income and wealth in Spain. It could be you’re working in Spain, you’re self-employed, or you have money in a bank account, maybe you have a property in Spain. All of these are valid ways to prove that you can sustain yourself in Spain and that you’re earning an income or that you have enough money to keep you here.

From there, we move on to proving that you have healthcare in Spain. Now, you could have access to state health care. Again, if you’re working in Spain, you have a legal contract or you’re self employed, you could have private health care. Private health care has some very specific conditions assigned to it. They’re very strict when applying for Spanish residency on the conditions of health care, you can’t have any excess on the policy. The policy must be complete, there can be no exclusions, and you must have it paid for the year in most circumstances. Most state pensioners at the moment can get Healthcare under the S1 scheme. 

Moving on from there, if you do qualify on all these three fronts, then you may also have dependants. Each dependant has to present documentation that relates to your application and qualifies them. 

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