How to Pay a Traffic Fine at the Post Office in Spain – Correos

How to Pay a Traffic Fine at the Post Office in Spain - Correos

Correos, Spain’s national post office, is not just for sending letters and parcels – Correos offices provide lots of additional services to help you deal with many Spanish public administrations.

One of these additional services is paying traffic fines and it’s good to know that if you are struggling to make the payment online, or over the phone, Correos offers an over-the-counter payment option. 

What You Will Need to pay a traffic fine in person at a Correos office:

  1. Original Traffic Fine: Bring the original copy of your traffic fine, complete with barcodes and other relevant information. This is essential for the Correos to process your payment.
  2. Cash and Service Fee: Ensure you have enough cash to cover the fine and Correos charge a service fee of €6.50 for the transaction. (Card payments are not accepted) 
  3. Proof of Payment: Once your transaction is complete, it’s crucial to get a digital or physical copy of the payment receipt. This serves as your proof of having settled the fine.

While the aim is to avoid traffic fines altogether, of course, life’s little mishaps do happen. Whether you struggle to navigate online portals or prefer a face-to-face transaction, Correos provides an accessible and convenient service for settling your fines.

Check out the video below for more ways to pay 👇

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