Passing a Spanish driving test in the province of Córdoba

Dave has passed his test in Spain

Another article in our series of Client Experiences, and we have a great story from our client Dave Langford.

Dave and his wife have broken a couple of records with us. Not only were they the first couple to register a Non-Lucrative Visa in Córdoba as British citizens, but Dave has also passed his Spanish driving test in record time!

Read his experience in his own words below.

” I’m 58 and moved to Spain under an NLV in December last year. Got to about 6 weeks before 6 months were up and no further extensions were being given, so I had to bite the bullet and get my Spanish driving licence.
I speak a little Spanish and live an hour inland of Malaga in a small town. My local driving school spoke no English but via Google Translate and WhatsApp, he said the test was achievable in about 6 weeks total.
I enrolled for €250 which was to cover the cost of registration books, online practice tests and my theory and practice examinations. I was given a date in two weeks for my theory test which I could do in English. I got given an English version of the Spanish Highway code and access to an online portal for test questions. I read the Highway Code twice and crammed doing between 10-20 tests a day. There are 30 multiple choice questions and you can get up to three wrong. The rather vague questions and questionable translations with double negatives don’t help, but always err on the side safety if in doubt when choosing an answer. Took my theory test and got three wrong so a pass.
Next the driving test. This can only be done in Spanish so a basic understanding of right, left, first, second, third and forth exit and park here and u turn will be required. I had about 6 lessons at a cost of €200 to familiarise my self with the differences between U.K. and Spanish driving and to get used to following the directions in Spanish. The main differences are how you use roundabouts, speed limits, use of gears and double stops at stop signs. After a few lessons in the town where the test was, I went on my own a few times just to get used to the town, roads and signs.
On the day of the test I was really nervous, but luckily got an instructor who spoke a little English. Made a few mistakes, including hitting 45 in a 30 area, but passed. Total time from start to finish – 5 weeks. I could have taken my test a week earlier but I was away. I like to think the instructor saw I could drive, as I’ve been doing for 40 years and his comment ‘you drive like an English man ‘ confirmed this and that helped him pass me. The 18 year old girl in the car with me fur the test failed.

Anyway, if you bite the bullet and decide to give it a go that’s my story.
PS: I went to a driving school in Malaga and they said it would take 3-4 months minimum so maybe shop around out of town. Good luck! 🍀🤞 ”

Ready to drive! Dave can now continue to drive his car
Ready to drive! Dave can now continue to drive his car
Thumbs up for a Spanish driving test pass.
Thumbs up for a Spanish driving test pass.

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