Registering a Car in Spain: Navigating the change to Spanish Insurance

Registering a Car in Spain Navigating the change to Spanish Insurance

Moving to Spain with a UK-registered vehicle? One of the key steps in the relocation process is understanding when and how to swap from UK to Spanish car insurance. This is Upsticks guide to help you navigate this essential aspect of your Spanish adventure.

Starting with UK Insurance

Most UK insurers offer a coverage window of up to 90 days for driving overseas. Always check the exact cover with your insurer before leaving the UK, and allow plenty of extra time just in case there are delays in registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates.

The Spanish Registration Process

Registering a vehicle in Spain can be quite complex, and you’ll need plenty of patience. Delays can arise for many reasons,from backlogs at the ITV stations (SpanishMOT) to administrative processes at your local Town Hall or Police Station. Fortunately, Spain offers temporary number plates using a pre-registration system, and even better, you can switch directly onto Spanish insurance using these plates. 

Making the Switch to Spanish Insurance

Once your vehicle is registered in Spain (or has the temporary P-Plates),  you can organise your Spanish vehicle insurance cover. The documents you’ll need are:

Permiso de Circulación

literally “Permission to circulate.” The official ownership document with details of the vehicle and owner.

Ficha Técnica

 (only available on final registration, not for the temporary P-plates) A vital technical document that accompanies the car, highlights the registration number. This is essential for the ITV, Spain’s annual vehicle inspection.

Selecting the Right Insurance Partner

For newcomers, it’s a good idea to work with an English-speaking insurance broker rather than directly with a Spanish insurance company, at least the first time round. Spanish car insurance covers the car, not the driver and breakdown recovery is a mandatory inclusion. Check the cover carefully to make sure it meets your needs and doesn’t have age-based restrictions, for example .

Organising  Spanish car insurance while registering your vehicle in Spain can seem a bit convoluted but with the right guidance and a clear understanding of the steps involved, it is pretty straightforward. For more info about the whole process check out this YouTube Video

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