Switching from Private to Public Healthcare on a Non-Lucrative Visa

Switching from Private to Public Healthcare on a Non-Lucrative Visa

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients who are early retirees is “Can I switch from private healthcare to public healthcare once I am of state pension age in the UK?”´ 

The answer is yes, absolutely! If you’re of state retiree age in the UK, which is when many qualify for a state pension in Spain, you can order an S1 and register it in Spain for access to Spanish state healthcare.

How do you order an S1 

Check out our article, which explains how to order one. 

It’s All About the Registration

Having an S1 document is a great start, but it’s not the finish line. You need to get it registered in Spain andnd oncen that’s done, you’ll get a “documento acreditativo”, a certificate that entitles you to access the public healthcare system.  Think of this letter as your official stamp of approval to join the Spanish public healthcare club.

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

If you’re thinking about making the swap, timing is key. Most private healthcare providers need about 60 days’ notice to cancel a policy. It’s a small detail, but one that can save you from unexpected expenses..

Getting to Know Public Healthcare

Spain’s public healthcare has a solid reputation but if Spanish isn’t your first languageit’s a good idea to have a translator handy until you’re a bit more fluent. Also, check out  your local medical centres to get the lay of the land.

Renewing Residency? Here’s a Tip!

When it’s time to renew your residency, you will need to provide your “documento acreditativo” to prove you’ve made the switch and if you’ve already received your public healthcare card, add that to your pile of documents. It’s always good to be thorough.

In a nutshell, moving from private healthcare to an S1 on a non-lucrative visa in Spain is doable with the right info and preparation. Upsticks offer the full registration service to obtain the certificate which gives you the right to access Spanish healthcare. If you would like more information about this service, please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

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