6 Reasons why your Non-Lucrative Residency renewal in Spain might be refused

6 reason why your non lucratvie visa maybe rejected

What a relief! You finally have your Non Lucrative visa, have registered it in Spain and received your TIE card. So you can kick back and relax? 

Well, yes. But not that much, the first 12 months soon passes and you’ll need to renew your residency before you know it. The good news is that this time, you can do the whole process in Spain – no need to visit a Consulate or processing centre. More good news is you have a big window in which to present the paperwork to Immigration. You can make the renewal application anytime between 60 days before the expiry of your TIE card, up to 90 days after the expiry, so a full 5 months. 

But there are a few differences between the initial application and the renewal, and also some pitfalls if you don’t get the paperwork right! 

Here we explain 6 ways in which you could be faced with a rejection:

Insufficient Financial Resources:

One of the primary requirements for obtaining and renewing non-lucrative residency in Spain is showing that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself while living in Spain. You can use savings, passive income or a combination of both, but you must have enough money to meet the minimum required amount. Remember that you are renewing for 24 months, so for applicants using savings, you’ll need twice as much compared to  the first year. For more information on how much you’ll need, check out our IPREM article

IMPORTANT: Although for the initial application not all documents needed translating, on renewal all documents that are not in Spanish will need an official translation – including bank statements. 

Not maintaining your healthcare in Spain: 

You will need to prove that you have a valid healthcare policy going forward into the renewal period, and occasionally Immigration have asked for proof that applicants have maintained healthcare during the first year of residency. 

Criminal Record or Legal Issues:

The Spanish authorities conduct background checks during the renewal process, and having a criminal record or being involved in any ongoing legal issues can negatively impact your application. While having a minor offence on your record might not automatically disqualify you, more serious convictions or legal problems could lead to a refusal.

Violation of Residency Conditions:

To maintain your non-lucrative residency status in Spain, you must comply with certain conditions outlined by the Spanish authorities. These conditions may include not engaging in any paid employment and spending a minimum amount of time actually in Spain. If you have spent more than 183 days outside Spain during the first year of residency, you could be refused. Remember that to achieve long term residency, you can’t spend more than 10 months outside Spain in the first 5 years, so most people try to average a maximum of 2 months outside Spain a year. 

Presenting the correct paperwork

When you renew your residency, you’ll need to pre-pay taxes using a form known as a Modelo 790 052, complete a new modelo EX01 indicating you would like to renew your residency and, if you’re using a representative to present your application, then you’ll also need to sign a document allowing them to do so. 

If any of these forms are not completed correctly or don’t have the relevant receipts, you could be facing a refusal.


Your passport must be valid and in date, and although you don’t need to have a passport with validity covering the whole 24 months, it must be in date at the time of application. You will be asked to provide a copy of every page of the passport. 


Renewing a non-lucrative residency in Spain requires careful attention to detail and compliance with the necessary requirements. Although some immigration offices send out reminders, this isn’t always the case, and ultimately it’s your responsibility to present your renewal on time.

You can present your documentation at your local immigration office by booking the correct appointment but we advise you to use the Mercurio government platform instead. You can do this yourself using your digital certificate or you can assign a representative to do it for you. 

Upsticks has completed over 200 successful non lucrative visa renewals – to find out how we can help you to achieve a successful renewal stress-free, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to book a free consultation call.

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