Healthcare requirements for Non Lucrative Visa application, UK applicants


Two main elements make up the healthcare requirements when it comes to a non lucrative visa application – a Medical Certificate and health cover – either private health insurance or the S1..

Firstly you need to prove that you have no illnesses or diseases that will be exported when you move to Spain, and you will also need to prove that you will be covered for healthcare when you are living there.

Medical Certificate
The Spanish Authorities refer to a signed and stamped letter as a certificate rather than a letter. In Spain, a `certificado medico´ is how they refer to a letter from the doctors. 

The Certificate/letter must have been issued within 3 months of the application appointment and must be issued, stamped and signed by a registered and qualified medical professional.

The Certificate/letter needs to state:

“This health certificate states that Mr./Mrs. (…) does not suffer from any of the diseases that may have serious public health repercussions in accordance with what is stipulated by the International Health Regulations of 2005” 

While you can contact any duly accredited public or private medical centre in the United Kingdom or Spain, Medical Certificates issued in countries other than the United Kingdom or Spain will not be accepted. This article has our Top Tips for getting your Medical letter.

Certificates issued in the United Kingdom must be accompanied by a sworn translation into Spanish and a Hague Apostille stamp

Healthcare with S1
If you are of UK State Pension age, then you will be eligible to apply for an S1, which means you’re covered on Spanish public health care. This article has all the information on how you apply for S1 health cover for a non-lucrative visa application.

Private Health Insurance
If you are below state pension age then you won’t be able to get an S1 so you’ll need to take out comprehensive private health insurance, meeting the following conditions: 

  • The policy must have the same cover as you would get under the social security health system (i.e. emergency treatment, hospitalisation etc) 
  • Must clearly name all the people covered (spouse, partner, children)
  • There must be no excess payable (known as “sin copagos” in Spanish)
  • The policy must cover the 1 year of your NLV, preferably be fully paid upfront, with receipts or bank statement showing payments 
  • The Policy must start as close as possible to your expected arrival date in Spain (as stated on your visa application form)
  • The Policy can start after the consulate appointment as long as it predates your entry into Spain
  • Your insurer must provide a Certificate of Insurance acceptable to Immigration authorities as proof of cover

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