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An important part of the application process to gain the right to residency in Spain is proving that you have suitable healthcare cover.

The National Police station in Fuengirola published a notice explaining the healthcare requirements and we’ve translated the information into bite-size pieces for you.

They start by saying why they have published the notice, it states:

In order to clarify doubts that have been raised about the accreditation of health coverage by citizens of the European Union who intend to apply for residency and reside in Spain and in accordance with the Royal Decree 240/2007 with subsequent modification of the Royal Decree-law 16/2012, the following requirements are stipulated:

Four options are stated as evidence to prove you have healthcare in Spain for your Spanish residency application: 

A) Citizens with work contract/employment
Health coverage is accredited with the job offer or employment contract.

B) Citizens who are self-employed
Health coverage is accredited by registering with I. A .E or on the Special Self-Employment System.

C) State Pensioner
Health coverage is accredited with proof of contributions within the EU with the S1 form.

D) Citizens who don’t work
Health coverage is accredited by contracting a private policy that provides you with health coverage in Spain. During the period of residence, the healthcare must be equivalent to that provided by the National Health System and with no excess or co-payment clauses.

The European health card EHIC (blue) will not be admissible as accreditation of complete health coverage for the application for the Certificate of Registration of Citizen of the European Union in Spain.
It is not valid for transfer of healthcare for residence purposes to another Member State. It does not in any way accredit compliance with the requirement of complete health coverage. The  EHIC only accredits the right to receive necessary health care during a temporary stay, paid by the State in which it was issued, provided that the reason for that stay is tourism, studies. … it is not valid to receive specific medical treatment.

So what does all this mean?
If you work in Spain then you will have a contract, and this contract has to be registered with Social Security (INSS) so that your payments to the healthcare system are paid directly to them. This gives you health coverage – you’ll need to show the contract or pre-contract of employment as proof of your status.

B) Self-employed people in Spain (autonomos) make their Social Security contributions on a monthly basis, paid directly out of their bank account. Most of the time, the National Police will ask for proof of self-employment registration, as well as proof of a couple of months payment contributions to Social Security.

C) State pensioners can use the S1 form to prove their eligibility for healthcare. UK citizens need to order this from NHS Overseas and they will post it to you in either Spain or the UK. 

D) If none of the above is applicable to you, then you need to get private health insurance. The requirements are strict, as the cover must match state healthcare provision. Most insurance companies will issue a Certificate which is valid for a Spanish residency application. It’s commonplace for the National Police to request proof of payment as well.

So, there are only two ways of proving your healthcare in Spain, State healthcare or private cover. In the case of a family application, members can be included as beneficiaries to the main applicant with the correct paperwork. 

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The information in this article was correct on the date published.
Article last reviewed/updated 08.08.2022

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